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Design Technology

A pupil’s journey in Design Technology at Thurnham

Children have a breadth of experiences in DT to ensure all children, over their time at Thurnham learn about construction, food, and textiles. In Year 1, the children create a Christmas card with moving parts, design and make a castle for a Playmobil person; create a fruit salad and sew a small beach bag. In Year 2, the children develop their skills by creating a Bee Bot mat and a moon buggy. They also design and make a pirate puppet and a healthy sandwich.

Designing a product

Children begin in EYFS by talking about products they have seen and discussing a plan about what they would like to make. This progresses in Year 1, with children exploring different products and beginning to explain their choices of materials and tools. They develop their planning skills through drawing and labelling. By the end of year 2, children are able to explore design ideas by evaluating an existing product. They also develop and change drawn ideas and think about the process they need to follow for their making. The children can also identify and explain the purpose for their design.

Making and technical knowledge

In EYFS, children select appropriate resources and techniques needed to shape, assemble, and join materials. They experiment with materials to achieve the planned effect. This progresses in Year 1, as the children build structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer, and more stable. They begin to measure, mark out and cut and join a range of materials. The children are also able to use slider mechanism and simple levers. They are able to join fabrics by using running stitch and attached items using glue. The children also have a good knowledge of the eat well plate and are able to cut, peel and grate fruits.

By the end of year 2, children are able to use correct vocabulary to name and describe the tools and materials. They are able to create hinges and use a range of materials to create models with wheels and axles. Children begin to explore a wider variety of tools and can cut strip wood/dowel using hacksaw and bench hook. In their textiles, they can create my own template as a pattern for fabric and use running, whip and backstitch. By the end of Year 2, the children have a good understanding of healthy foods and were they come from. They are able to combine ingredients to make their own recipe.

Evaluating processes and products

Children begin their journey, by explaining how they made their product and what they like about it. In Year 1, this progresses by children explaining how their product meets the design criteria. They also think about what they like and do not like about items they have made. By the end of year 2, the children at Thurnham are able to evaluate their products as they are developed, identifying strengths and changes they might make. They are also able to discuss how closely the finished products meet their design criteria.