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Newsletters Term 4

Term 4 week 4:

Welcome to a very windy start to week 4.

There are lots of bits of information this week - this newsletter is also added to the school website under 'newsletters' to make it easier for you to refer back to.

Red Nose Day  ( Comic Relief)  on Friday:

This Friday 17th March is Comic Relief day. Instead of collecting cash on the gate we have set up a just giving page. Below are the links to help you donate. There will also be QR code stickers on our noticeboard and at the gate all this week.

The theme is Mr Men and Little Miss - but please let your children wear clothes they feel comfortable in.


OPAL lunchtimes and Play leaders:

We are continuing on our Opal journey and today having less playleaders in the lunch hall so they are outside waiting for the children to help provide more play opportunities.

We would like to employ a few more lunchtime Play Leaders so we can open more parts of our grounds. If you are interested in this position, please contact the school office and they will arrange a time for you to come in and see myself and Mrs Evans. 

Currently we are still working on our 'welly conundrum' as we need to have 270 pairs of wellies and wet weather gear easily accessible for all the children. Once this is solved and in place, we will be able to open the bank areas for mud kitchen/shelter building and digging.

Safety rule and good manner of the week:

During Citizenship Worship each week we talk about our new Safety rule and good manner of the week. These are then displayed in the entrance hall and each class and referred to throughout the week.

I thought it would be good to share these with you so you can support at home.

This week's good manner is:  'Be respectful: Listen carefully and do not talk during our Worship'

This week's safety rule is:       'Be safe : Remember to show 'Thurnham Walking' as you move around the school.


Easter Menu 22nd March and Spring/Summer Menu:

There will be a special menu for the children on Wednesday 22nd (next week) to celebrate Easter. 

I have also attached the Spring/Summer Menu for you to plan for next term. This menu begins in Term 5 (17th April).They are also on our website.

ParkingJust a polite reminder to be considerate when dropping off or collecting. Can you check that an emergency service vehicle would be able to get into/along the road where you are parking. 

Consultation on Term Dates 2024-25: Although this seems a way away now is the time for you to have your say. If you would like the school holidays changed in any way please add your comments to the survey before it closes at the beginning of April - link below.

School Term Dates for 2024/25

We are consulting on school term and holiday date patterns and we would like to know your views on the proposed dates. In accordance with our usual practice, we are consulting on arrangements for the period covering the academic year 2024/25. The proposed dates can be

Many thanks and best wishes

Term 4 Week 3:

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to week three!

Many thanks to all who came to support the book fair and reading to the children  last week. We will be able to order some books for the children from the proceeds of the sale. We raised £987 - so thank you all so much

There were some amazing costumes on World Book Day and all the staff and children had a great day . Some of these are on the Website - under 'Join us' -' what we have done'- Reading week/World Book Day..

This week we have parent consultations - for Year 1 (this afternoon) and Tuesday  whole school virtual appointments.

Next Friday 17th March is Comic Relief.

The theme is Mr Men and Little Miss. Please feel free to make some costumes or wear anything on  the theme of your character.

We will set up a Just Giving Fundraising page so you can make your donations  via the link  rather than bringing cash into school. More details and the link to follow - it will also be on our website.

Trips: Each year group will be going on an educational  visit this year. We will get the details of these and the costs to you as soon as possible, as we are aware the coaches are becoming more and more expensive.

 We will set up an instalment plan for those who would prefer to pay in stages rather than in one go. I will get the costs and dates to you as soon as we can.


The bookings for Easter worships on the last week of term will be going live soon.:

Year 2  Monday 27th March -2:30pm

EYFS : Tuesday 28th March  -2:30pm

Year 1 - Wednesday 29th March - 2:30 pm

Term 4 week 2:

Dear parents and carers,

Well, what a difference a week makes! 

Not many reminders or news this week::

The website has now been launched and it needs lots of bits added and some lovely photos but the foundations are there. We will endeavour to add all emails and information on there as we go from now on - so you can refer back to them.

Reading week and the book fair after school :

 Please come along and buy (or order) some books. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school. All the children have been to look at the books today.


World book day is on Thursday so please encourage your child to come to school as a book character - remember to send the book in with them. We do not want fancy costumes - something you have made together is perfect and helps your child to be able to talk about their character more.

Some of the children from Roseacre will be coming up to read and share their favourite stories.

If you are able on Friday we would welcome you ( or a member of your family) to come in and share a book with your child ( and maybe others). Please book on our booking system so we know how many people to expect

SchoolCloud - Thurnham Church of England Infant School

Teacher Meetings: 

Please can I remind you to book these- I have just looked through and seen there are quite a few parents who still need to reserve their slots.. Can I also politely keep to the time of your booked appointment - once people start to arrive late it is hard for the class teachers to keep it all on track ( and avoid keeping you waiting).

SchoolCloud - Thurnham Church of England Infant School

Passwords for collecting after clubs:

A little note that when you booked your child's place in an after-school club you were asked to provide a password. We have these as not all the teachers know all the adults as they have children in different classes. We will be asking you for the password - please can you tell whoever is collecting what it is as it speeds up the handing over at the end. (We do have a copy of them if you have forgotten).


Many thanks and best wishes.

Mrs. Pateman