Assessment Outcomes


Our Results From Government Assessments 2019

Please find below three documents in succession for each year group’s key assessments in Summer 2019, containing our results for those assessments that all schools with pupils aged 4-7 must undertake. Please note, each cohort has children with different needs and abilities and on average one child in each year group is equivalent to 1.1.% (our usual cohort in each year is 90 children).

Reception children must have an assessment across seventeen ‘Early Learning Goals’ being assessed at either ‘Entering’, ‘Expected’ or ‘Exceeding’ by the end of the academic year.

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Year 1 children must have a screening carried out in Phonics in late June.

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Year 2 must have an assessment carried out in English, Maths and Science by the end of the year they leave Year 2, sometimes referred to as SATS.

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Attendance: Also we are pleased to highlight that our attendance rate is above national average at 96.8% of all possible attendances for the full academic year September 2018 – July 2019, despite outbreaks of chicken pox in the Winter and again in the Summer which caused two untypical for Thurnham absence peaks.

Further information and school data is available from the Government website comparing school performance:

Last OFSTED Report

Last Section 48 Inspection Report On Christian Aspects & Wider Standards